The French know that a wedding is n’t just about the couple, but also for their family and friends. As such, they have many fun and wonderful traditions that will make for a day( or night) you’ll never forget.

One of our favorite french ceremony cultures is the “vin d’honneur” which is like a cocktail hours for your friends to celebrate the new couple before their meal. It’s a great way to socialize with your friends while sipping on prosecco and enjoying the company of your loved ones.

Another fun tradition is la jaretiere which is a metaphorical act where the groom did get the garter that is thrown by his bride- to- get and don it around his neck as he and his wife dance jointly. This is a joy, frolicsome history that shows off the couple’s good laughter and cheery nature!

A last fun french wedding tradition is a service called la bride civic, or essentially, the city house ceremony. This is a very important part of the bride as it is what makes your union legally binding in France. Typically this is done the day before the bridal and can be followed by a catholic or metaphorical festival for those who wish to add more service to their huge evening.

Finally, the french believe that tedium is a sin and as such, they fill their ceremonies with lots of pleasure. For example, it’s very typical for the bridal party and close friends to perform a sketch for the partners. They’re a great way to break the ice, find people laughing and show the honeymooners that their friends are there to support them in their happiness.

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